Winston Goes Back To Kindergarten

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Whoa, shit! Sorry for the hiatus, gentle reader. I guess I’ll just call it a “holiday break.” Unfortunately, stupidity never takes a break or a holiday, so back to business as usual.

Remember back in the day, when you were in elementary school, and you had to use some dumbass pass to go to the bathroom? It was usually some cutesie thing that you had to carry in with you, which now that I think about it, was pretty unsanitary and disgusting.

Next, you moved up to middle school, and you still had to have a pass, but it was for the purpose of roaming the halls and did not need to be brought into the germ filled crapper.

Then you made it to high school, and you didn’t have to use a pass to roam the halls or take a leak, but you still had that dickweed assistant principal wandering the halls threatening to expel you for not being in class.

Finally, you made it to college, where no one gave a fuck if you were in the halls or even attending class for that matter. So you slept in, ate some Easy Mac, played some Mario Cart, and got wasted on Busch Light at 1PM on a Tuesday. Man college was fucking awesome.

Now that you’re in the work force, you would think you wouldn’t need any sort of dumbass passes to do anything, because you’re a fucking adult, and anything of that nature is childish and stupid. Unless of course, you work at Telescreen Inc.

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