What’s Your Address?

Seems simple enough.

When you’re an ESP, the simplest things in life just so happen to be the most complicated.

Winston: “May I have your address please?”

Customer: “Arizona.”

Winston: “Okay, um, where in Arizona?”

Customer: “What you mean?”

Winston: “I mean, what is your full address?”

Customer: “Oh, Hell, I don’t know. You need it or something?”

Winston: “Um, yes, if you want me to send you a new receiver, I need to know where to send it.”

Customer: “Send it to Arizona.”

Winston: “Okay, but where exactly in Arizona.”

Customer: “Oh forget it then damnit!” Click

I think the real question is why can’t the post office magically translate “Arizona” to one specific trailer? 

One thought on “What’s Your Address?

  1. Jesus that gave me a laugh! Just when I thought my care coordinator (m h service girl) was winning the Dumb of the year prize, someone beats her. These people are priceless! Dickheads, but priceless. Cheers!

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