I Know My Own Phone Number

Now there’s a phone number I don’t want to call.

One of the many problems with ESP’s is that they’re so fucking sure of themselves no matter how dumb they are. For some reason they always think they’re right and simply can’t be reasoned with. That’s why unfortunately you sometimes have to humor them and stoop down to their level.

Customer: “Could you do me a favor and call me back at a different number? It’s 555-5555.”

Winson: “Um, actually it looks like we’re talking on that number right now. Do you have another number you’d like me to call?”

Customer: “No, we’re not talking on that number.”

Winston: “Well, I see it right here on my phone. 555-5555.”

Customer: “I know my own phone number, okay? Just call me back on my cell phone instead of my home phone. I have a bad connection with my home phone so just call that cell number.” Click.

I went ahead and just pressed redial because, you know, that made sense.

Customer: “Hello? Oh yes, Winson with Telescreen? Thanks for calling my cell, that connection is so much better.”

So let’s break this down the stupid here. He had a landline phone in his hand that he was talking to me on. He didn’t know the number, but was convinced he was giving me his cell number. He hung up, and moments later, I called that same phone. Yet he picked it up and somehow thought it had magically turned into a cell phone. There’s no way you can reason with stupidity at that level.

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