Is That Spanish?

The nerdy version of Fight Club.

I know I mock the Telescreen customers all the time, but shit, the employees are dumbasses too. Here’s an example:

Winston: “Are you looking at the notes on the account?”

CSR: “Yeah, I see a note from a John in your office. It says, ‘Couldn’t call customer back due to queue.’ Is that spanish, you know, like que? Is that a typo?”

Winston: “Um, no. A queue is like a line. A bunch of items waiting to be addressed. We can’t call anyone back when we have a line of customers waiting to be helped.”

What the fuck am I,

CSR: “No, that doesn’t make sense.”

What doesn’t make sense? I fucking defined the word for you. Are we in 3rd grade English and you’re at the kindergarden level?

Winston: “Again, a queue is kind of like a line. When lots of customers call into Super Department at once, they have to wait in line to speak to someone. The queue is the line. Right now there are 30 people waiting to talk to us, and they’re answered in order, just like a line.”

I couldn’t have explained that any clearer. There’s no way he couldn’t understand that…

CSR: “No, I think it was a typo.”

Winston: “Que is the Spanish word for ‘what.’ That wouldn’t fit in the note. ‘Couldn’t call back customer due to what’ doesn’t make any sense.”

CSR: “What?”

Wow. It was about time to give up.

Winston: “It’s not a typo.”

CSR: “It’s definitely a typo.”

And then I gave up.

Winston: “I guess it’s a typo. Send the customer over.”

3 thoughts on “Is That Spanish?

  1. This word was one of the differences I always encountered on a daily basis. I taught English at a school here in Spain and they learn British English vocabulary. I’m American and I say “line.” I’m aware of the word queue and what it means–but I guess not all Americans are very familiar with British English?

    And queue is actually French. 😀 Love the blog by the way!

    • Queue is actually French? Well what-a-ya-know, I got to learn something from an intelligent person today, thanks! I think most Americans say “line” too, but I thought more people would know what a “queue” is. Oh well, I guess some of these ESP’s need to go back to English class…

      • haha glad to be of service! I don’t know if I’m that intelligent, just happened to be raised in a bilingual household (Father is from France). It’s not even remotely pronounced the way English speaking people pronounce it. But I don’t blame extremely stupid people for that, I blame the ridiculous and arbitrary rules of the French language. But that’s a whole other kettle of fish!

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