A new page is up and running called ESP IQ Test! Here it is:

Are you an ESP? I highly doubt it, gentle reader, but how about you prove it to yourself and the rest of the free world? Below you will find 10 multiple questions on a variety of topics, ranging from mathematics to Walmart. Answer each one to the best of your knowledge, just like a stupid public school standardized test. Once you’re done, note your score, X out of the quiz box, and scroll down to see if  you’re Smart, Average, or Stupid. Click “Take The Quiz” to get started!

Take The Quiz!

Score Evaluation:

SMART: (100% – 90%)

Marty McFly = Awesome

AVERAGE: (89% – 70%)

The Dude Abides

STUPID: (69% – 0%)

Transvestite Donkey Witch

6 thoughts on “ESP IQ Test

  1. Some reason I thought treasury bonds were low risk— otherwise, I’m totally Marty McFly. Great quiz and you will never find me in a Walmart. Period.

  2. I’m average, but I still think “Run and Hide” is a legit answer to what to do when you spot an ESP… I almost got hit head on twice in the same parking lot because people apparently can’t read the BIG ASS GOLD ARROW painted on the aisles… One chick actually honked at me! smh

  3. Laughing at stupid people… Isn’t very smart as well.
    Because if they are stupid nothing is going to help, I rather avoid them.
    You can laugh if you stupid, or desperately want to lower yourself to the level.
    Americans usually laugh at stupids, to assure themselves that they are better than that…NOT

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