Kool-Aid: The New Air Conditioning

Your Posts: Kool-Aid: The New Air Conditioning

Hot dog! We have our first Your Post addition here at ESP. Please take a minute to review the video, then we’ll break it down to see if it qualifies as extremely stupid:

Where do I begin? Sweet Jesus. First of all, has anyone told this broad that Kool-Aid rots your teeth? Apparently not. Since when is Kool-Aid a substitute for air conditioning? If my power came on, I’d flip on the AC, put on a kilt, and stand above a vent. That’s how to party on a hot day. Now if I were economically challenged, I would at least have a fan to turn on. You can get them for 99 cents at Goodwill. Yes, I love Goodwill, it’s like the Porche of thrift stores. Oddly, Lamasa doesn’t see the necessity of a fan and instead prefers to cool off with an ice cold jug of Kool-Aid.

Now let’s talk about the reporter. He’s obviously from a rich suburb in Northern Chicago and this his first venture into the Southeast side of Detroit. He’s immediately having second thoughts about moving to Detroit to take that new job as a reporter. He knows he’s out of place, and that’s why he’s the one the yells “Hallelujah!” He wants to fit in, and thinks the only way to do that is pretend he’s in the choir at the Gospel church down the road.

Hot dog, look at that thang! We’re not sure what that thang is, but we do know Lamasa is going to sleep like a baby. No A/C, no fan, no Ambien, just Kool-Aid. Judging by her fine residence, I think the Kool-Aid guy already busted through the walls a time or two yelling, “Oh yeah!” Maybe that’s why the power was out in the first place.