Share The Stupidity With “Your Posts”

It’s time to expand the blog once again, this time with a new page called Your Posts. You now have the ability to not only submit your stories, but also posts to the blog as well. This includes links, pictures, videos, and any other dumb ass shit you stumble upon. Click on the big red link on the Your Posts page and it will direct you over to my email. Send whatever you feel pertains to stupidity and should be shared with the world.

Just like the Your Stories page, I’ll look over all the shit sent my way and post the best. So the next time you drive down the street and see some hipster asshole riding a unicycle, take a pic and share it. The next time you’re at a bar and you see some douchebag trying to impress a chick, snag a quick video. And of course the next time you’re on You Tube, send a link of pretty much anything, since the whole site is designed as a vehicle for stupidity.

I don’t want to make this post all business, so I’ll give you a short story. I had a guy call in the other day whose name was Muhammed Ali. I thought that was pretty cool. Then he started yelling at me. He didn’t float like a butterfly, he was a dick. End of story.