Stupid People Are Entertaining

Allow me to bring you up speed on how this blog began.  My first day on the job, some crazy bitch was yelling at me, for, well, I don’t remember, nor do I give a fuck. The fact that I was getting chewed out scared the shit out of me. I left work feeling like a piece of shit and came home feeling sorry for myself. I began wondering how I was going to survive at this job. It was definitely going to be difficult getting used to getting bitched at all day. Try to put yourself in my shoes and imagine going to your job and getting bitched at by your boss and coworkers. Now imagine that every god damn day.

Somehow, I managed to drag myself into work the next day, dreading getting yelled at. Sure enough, a few hours in, some Redneck asshole started yelling at me, for, well, I don’t remember, nor do I give a fuck either. When I got home, all I could think about was what an asshole that guy was. I sat down at my computer, and for some reason, decided to type down what Dipshit McGee said. I read over the paragraph and laughed out loud. Stupid people are actually pretty god damn entertaining.

I continued writing down the most ridiculous stories for the next couple weeks and saw a new persona emerge. I am a pretty laid back person who is very easy going and not bothered by other people too much. Listening to dumb motherfuckers 40 hours a week changed that completely. I warn you now, gentle reader, what will come through these posts will be a severe lack of tolerance, shameful insensitivity, and blatant contempt. Yet I deem it completely justified, these people are stupid, extremely stupid. It entertains me, and I hope it will entertain you as well. Stupid people beware, Winston is listening, and will post your pathetic antics on this blog, no holds barred.