Call Me Winston

Call me Winston, your ear to the pathetically stupid, insanely ignorant, and extremely unintelligent. I work in a call center for a large media company I’ll call Telescreen Inc. Why the two immediate 1984 references? If you have ever called an 800 number and been prompted that the call may be monitored for quality assurance purposes, then you know. The fact that some asshole ten cubicles down is listening to everything I say and watching everything I click on my computer screen is about as close to 1984 as I can get. Maybe I should call that rich asshole CEO of the company Big Brother. I’ve never seen him, but apparently everyone around the office is scared shitless of him. Need I say more?

The purpose of this blog, oh gentle reader, is to prove to you how fucking stupid people are. Each day, when I get back from work, I draft any ridiculous, hilarious, or overtly stupid calls. I will make posts according to the material I get from the geniuses on the other line. I will keep updating this blog, adding features, and hopefully keep you entertained with the ridiculousness I am unfortunate enough to witness. So onward we sail, through the waters of sanity and normalcy to the land of STUPID!